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Growing up, I enjoyed freedoms unheard of for today’s youth. I utilized theses freedoms to wander and explore the unpopulated back country of the Rocky Mountains. I developed a deep connection with the power of nature’s rhythms. Further study, in forestry, at Utah State University, introduced me to the earth sciences. I was pleased and surprised when my peers asked me to fix their botanical drawings. It was then I realized that I had a gift that most others did not possess.

It wasn’t until I was thirty years, with my babies in school, that I re-entered university to study art. I learned how to apply paint confidently, I was introduced to various fibers construction and incorporation, and self-critique. I haven’t stopped painting or arranging since. (See more…Resume)

My choice of media is significant for the interpretation of the female perspective. I love the juxtaposition of dyed silk on handmade Mulberry paper, on silk, attached with tiny hand stitches. (See more….Process)

My work has been exhibited throughout the southeast as I taught art to my children and students alike. (See more….Student Art)

Making art with my children clarified how extraordinary it is to have a relationship with extraordinary people. Making art at low income schools taught me empathy for those who have less advantage than most. (See more… Resume)

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My recent past has been an immersion of studio time. There alone with my tools, raw silk, colors, fibers and mindfulness I have refined the control I have over application and concept. I lose myself in processes, move to a separate level, there I have felt bliss. Upon reflection I find I haven’t changed but have narrowed my focus on things that speak rhythmically and consistently in my soul.


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