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Pyroclastic Flow Rainier
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Many of my paintings contain elements of the mountains. My roots run deep into the granite backbone of the western Rocky Mountains. As a child and girl I was allowed to wander the back country of Idaho, Montana and the four corners of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and new mexico.

As an adult, opportunities to visit family and friends brought her to the amazing ring of fire in the North West. The mighty cone shaped volcanos jutting out of the high desert, evidence of the violent creation of earth its self. In addition the jagged young peaks of the Cascade Range rising up from lush fir and spruce forests. These mountains are abundant with gushing icy glacial waters, falling in intriguing organic shapes and powerful waves making its way over gigantic boulders and twisting around towering conifers. Giant crevices between the mountains hold this water. The unimaginable depth gives these lakes the illusion of infinity as they reflect the sky.

I interrupt these geologic events as my mother earth renewing herself. Pyroclastic flow is a birdís eye view of these ranges erupting.

I see the west as a landscape of extremes and high energy. From the cliffs edging the icy pacific to the sun baked sand of the high desert. My fondest love being the mountains calling.

Jewel Rain

Pyroclastic Flow Rainier II

Pyroclastic Flow Three Sisters
26 x 40
The first time I went to Bend, Oregon with my dad was to finalize his new home there. He was proud of the vast wild landscape. The valley is dominated by a group of volcanos. Dad said they were called, "Witch's Tit" - one peak was particularly pointed, "Nun's Tit" - one peak was round and smooth; the third peak was jagged and was called, "Broken Top." I believed him and returned to paint this painting. I have never had any locals or geologists of volcanos verify my dad's funny names. "Three Sisters" being the correct name is depicted from a birds-eye view perspective above.
Nuns Tit Witches Tit Broken Top
(52x26.5 Framed $1500)

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