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Blackbeard's Bone Yard

Cockle Shells

When Iím home in the east I am never at a loss for something beautiful to look at. I find the smooth curving horizontals peaceful and comforting-whether Iím out at sea on the Atlantic, at fine-grained sandy beachesÖor gazing out from a gently rounded tree-covered peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This end of our continent speaks to me of time. Only time can soften the rocky peaks and cover them with a thick layer of soil rich enough to support a carpet of flora with a billion shades of green that cover my palette when painting. The atmosphere is denser here as the plant life cycles moisture into the air. Every surface carries a lovely patina, only acquired my time.

Everywhere Iíve been east of the Mississippi has trees. They are Grand and aged white oak, maple, pines and cedar. The low country is graced by grande dames of live oak, of which I have a 200-plus year old specimen guarding my home and its inhabitants. The wetlands still have secret groves of 500-year old bald cypress that were saved from the ax. All These trees have been a consistent subject for my paintings - constantly challenging my creative use of greens, browns and ocher. All of the paintings inspired by the Low Country come from a place of

Infant Black-eyed Susan

Adolecent Black-eyed Susan
18x16 - $250
8X10 - $150

Adult Black-eyed Susan

Cycling the Sloo II


Blue Palmetto

Baby Caretta
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In the Collection of Marcus & Olivia Gahn
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A Place for Trees and Houses
In the Collection of Marcus & Olivia Gahn
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Purple Martin
In the Collection of Kathi Rich
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Orange Oak

Scuba Perspective

Baby Caretta II


Gray's Reef




Oak Over Marsh


Pike's Peak

Ties That Bind


Wood Stork

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